Funding Criteria

Below are the current criteria for both the Small and Large Grant schemes from 2020 onwards.

The CSA supports projects:

  1. that focus on tackling the causes and/or effects of poverty;
  2. that are community-based and address needs facing people in their locality;
  3. where beneficiaries reside primarily within the Diocese of Manchester;
  4. that enhance the mission of the local Anglican church within the Diocese of Manchester. The following are central to our thinking on awarding grants or commissioning projects. Applications should be clear about how the project:
    • is an expression of local Anglican church mission, or is strongly linked to an Anglican Parish;
    • encourages congregation member involvement and/or learning;
    • relates to the Parish’s Mission Action Plan; and
    • engages with the Five Marks of Mission: –
      • The Proclamation of God
      • The Nurturing of New believers
      • Loving service to those in need
      • Seeking justice
      • Safeguarding the Integrity of Creation
  5. that, wherever possible, seek to be transformative and to equip people with the skills and experience to make positive and long lasting changes to their lives;
  6. that provide learning that can be shared with others across the Diocese of Manchester;
  7. that demonstrate appropriate partnership working with participants and other local and, where relevant, national service providers, groups and organisations, particularly those with an expertise related to the project’s work.